Vip Benefits
# Free VIP Platinum VIP Diamond
Offlevel 18 Hours 30 Hours 30 Hours
Reset Level
(Platinum channel only)
400 380 380
(Platinum channel only)
+25% +50%
(Platinum channel only)
+30% +30%
PvM Damage
(Platinum channel only)
+20% +20%
Chaos Machine +5% of luck +5% of luck
TAG in Game
Platinum Server Access
Platinum Benefits
Platinum Server Settings
Semi-NonPVP Channel
All Bosses / Invasions / Events
Guardian pets and mounts do not die
Mobs HP -15%
Mobs DMG -15%
No durability loss (equipments)
Happy Hour effect x2
Zen Drop +20%
Maps Non-PvP Maps PvP
Lorencia Arena
Noria Kalima 1-7
Elbeland 1-3 Kanturu Remain
Devias 1-4 Vulcanus
Dungeon 1-3 Raklion
Atlans 1-3 Swamp of Calmness
Losttower 1-7 Uruk, Nars
Tarkan 1-2 Ferea
Icarus Nixies Lake
Kanturu 1-3 Deep Dungeon 3-5
Aida 1-2 Swamp of Darkness
Karutan 1-2 Abyss of Atlans 2-3
Alkmar, Debenter, Ubaid Red Smoke Icarus
Old Kethotum Gray Aida
Deep Dungeon 1-2 Burning Kethotum
Kubera Mine Kanturu Undergrounds
Abyss of Atlans 1 Ignis Volcano
Scorched Canyon
Arenil Temple
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